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Vegetable Diseases to Scout for: Southern Blight

Southern blight, or basal stem rot as it is sometimes called, most commonly affects tomato, pepper, cucumbers, beans, and cabbage, but has a very wide host range and can infect many crops. The disease can occur in any system where

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Ornamental Pear Damaged by Fire Blight

During March or April, pathogenic bacteria infected flowers or young shoots. Now, shepherd’s crooks (Figure 1) and spur dieback (Figure 2) are becoming more prominent. Often, damage is not noticed until later in the season when branches die completely.  

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Avoid Introduction of Boxwood Blight into the Landscape

Boxwood blight can be devastating to American boxwood cultivars, which are common in the Kentucky landscape. Complete defoliation can occur within a week and plants can die within a single growing season. Use of tolerant cultivars, cultural practices, and fungicides

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Dogwood Anthracnose Spotted

Anthracnose of dogwood is a common problem in Kentucky. Symptoms on landscape and forest dogwoods often first appear during wet periods in late spring. If left unmanaged, the pathogen spreads, eventually resulting in plant death.  Selection of resistant varieties and

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EPA Cancels Sale and Use of Some Pesticides

Last week the EPA announced the cancelation of the registration for several pesticide registrations. These cancellations were voluntarily requested by the registrants.  What this means is that any distribution, sale, or use of these products is subject to this cancellation. 

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USDA Survey of Fruit and Vegetables for Pesticide Residues

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service recently released the 2017 Pesticide Data Program (PDP) report in which they summarize their survey of pesticide residues in selected produce. Each year they collect pesticide residue data on commodities most frequently consumed by infants

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Videos for Home Fruit Growers

Dr. Nicole Gauthier has developed several short videos geared toward residential fruit growers.  The videos cover management options for common tree and small fruit diseases and include sustainable and organic management techniques.  Presentations vary from 4 minutes to approximately 7

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