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Damage by Stink Bugs Observed in Seedling Corn

Problem on Corn Seedling corn presenting feeding injures caused by stink bug have been observed in commercial and research plots in western Kentucky. In a small replicate corn field test where seedlings were not more than 7 days emerged showed

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Anthracnose Diseases on Shade Trees

The term anthracnose refers to the dark blotching (necrotic) symptom common to these diseases.  When expanding leaves are affected, leaf distortion frequently results (Figure 1). Defoliation (leaf drop) often occurs during severe infections. The disease is generally not fatal, and

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Fly Species that Thrive on Decomposing Organic Matter and Moist Environments Stand Out in the 2019 Planting Season in Different Crop Systems

Since mid-March until the beginning of May, reports, inquiries, and personal observations on the presence of several worms or flying insects that are becoming abundant on alfalfa, wheat and tobacco have caught my attention. All these fly species feed on

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Brown Rot of Peach Fruit Trees

Abundant rainfall and warm temperatures can lead to an increase in the presence of brown rot on stone fruits (peach, cherry, plum, nectarine), which results in rotten, inedible fruit. Early season management can reduce initial sources of the fungus as

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Kentucky Turfgrass Disease Calendar (PPFS-OR-T-09)

Turfgrass in home and commercial lawns, including grasses in sports fields and golf courses, are subject to a number of different diseases.  Knowing when these diseases are likely to be active can aid in identification and management.  The Kentucky Turfgrass

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2019 Insect Trap Counts

Trap counts for major insect pests are provided by the Kentucky IPM Program. Traps are located at the UK Research and Education Center in western Kentucky and the UK Spindletop Farm in Lexington.  Below are trap counts for the current

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Black Rot of Grapes

Black rot is a common disease of grapes in Kentucky. Due to the prevalence of this disease, it is also one of the most economically important diseases of grapes.  Black rot can affect all young, developing, above ground plant tissues.

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