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Beginning Farmer High Tunnel Production Basics

Join University of Kentucky Extension Specialists for a two-part webinar series followed by an in-person training. Webinars Webinar 1 will be presented by UK Extension Specialists Rachel Rudolph and Jonathan Larson on March 23 from 12:00 – 1:30 pm (Eastern

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Tomato Grafting Workshops

Spots are still available for both sessions. Register today! Join University of Kentucky Extension Vegetable Specialist Dr. Rachel Rudolph as she shares information about grafted tomatoes, including considerations to help decide if grafting is right for your farm and results

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EPA IPM Webinar: Spotted Lanternfly – Update and Next Steps

The highly invasive spotted lanternfly is a pest of concern for both ornamental plants and agriculture. This voracious leafhopper is migrating from its original infestation area in Pennsylvania toward Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia, damaging trees, ornamental plants,

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2023 IPM Training School

This is a reminder that this year’s Integrated Pest Management School meeting will take place at the McCracken County Extension Office, Paducah on March 8.  Virtual attendees can access the meeting through Zoom, virtual and in-person audiences require registration via

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Commercial Growers Vegetable Alert Listserv

Commercial vegetable growers can subscribe to the Veggie Alert Listserv. This e-mail distribution list allows growers to receive the most up-to-date information and notifications from University of Kentucky specialists. To subscribe to the listserv, go to this link, and enter

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EPA IPM Webinar: Fungal Biopesticides – A Growing Option in Pest Control

Biological pesticides, or biopesticides, are usually inherently less toxic than conventional pesticides and generally affect only the target pests and closely related organisms. This free webinar will discuss various fungal biopesticides —  Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium, Isaria (Cordyceps) — and their effective applications to manage pests,

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Commercial Strawberry Grower Survey

Do you grow strawberries commercially? If so, the University of Kentucky Extension Specialists need your help! In order to determine future priorities and grower needs for disease, insect, and weed management, more information about the current challenges that growers face

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University of Kentucky’s 46th Annual Turf and Landscape Short Course

Registration is now open for the University of Kentucky’s 46th Annual Turf and Landscape Short Course, presented in partnership with the Kentucky Horticulture Council. The event will be held at the Hardin County Extension Center in Elizabethtown, KY on February

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Fruit Scout Website

The IPM Scouting Guide publications for fruit crops were converted into mobile compatible websites beginning in 2017. Now accessing this information is even easier with the creation of the Fruit Scout Website. This new website provides access to the information

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EPA IPM Webinar: Updates for Managing the Asian Long-horned Beetle

The Asian long-horned beetle is an invasive insect that is harmful to America’s hardwood forests. Boring into hardwoods, this invasive insect weakens the trunks of trees and can lead to their decline. This beetle has spread throughout the U.S. and

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EPA IPM Webinar: Integrated Pest Management for Restaurants

This webinar will focus on common challenges with pests in restaurants and kitchens, as well as sustainable strategies to prevent and control them. For restaurants, it is important to keep away pests that are looking for food, water, and shelter

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Kentucky Crop Health Conference 2023 set for February 9

Mark your calendar for the 2023 Kentucky Crop Health Conference set for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Feb. 9, 2023, at the National Corvette Museum conference room in Bowling Green, KY. Registration is required to attend the conference and is

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EPA IPM Webinar: Identifying and Managing Toxic Plants

This webinar will focus on toxic plants in the carrot family (Apiaceae – giant hogweed, wild and cow parsnip, poison and spotted water hemlock) and how they compare to a nontoxic family member (Queen Anne’s lace). Sap from these toxic

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University of Kentucky 2022 Crop Pest Management Webinar Series begins in November

Information regarding your pest management questions is just a few mouse clicks away. As offered in previous years, the University of Kentucky has once again organized five webinars on field crop protection topics that will be hosted through the Southern

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University of Kentucky 2022 Fall IPM Vegetable Field Day

Join University of Kentucky Extension Vegetable Specialists for an in-person and virtual field day on October 13, 2022 from 11 AM to 2 PM EST. Learn about the ongoing research at the Horticulture Research Farm and how the information gained

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