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Practical Pest Preventive Practices for the Pantry

While people hate to find insects in their pantry, managing them should begin long before the pest is found. Pests in the pantry often mean that there are one or more stored food items that have become infested and, left

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They’re Here: Stink Bug Invasions Have Begun!

Brown marmorated stink bugs have begun their annual trek to get inside of your home. This yearly annoyance is something that parts of the state have been experiencing for a while, but other counties may have just started to deal

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Pests of Fall and Holiday Decorations

Fall and holiday decorations are used to “liven up” the atmosphere at home while we move into the fall months. But this needs to be done thoughtfully so you don’t initiate pest problems in the home. Although live insects may

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Pest-Proofing Your Home

Many pests seek refuge in homes and buildings in response to changes in weather, such as extended periods of rain or drought, or the onset of cool autumn temperatures. In response to these pest invasions, homeowners often apply liberal amounts

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Foreign Grain Beetles Popping Up

Some Kentuckians have been finding an unwanted houseguest in recent weeks, the foreign grain beetle.  This small beetle, also known as the new house beetle, makes unexpected appearances that can be hard to initially explain. They also resemble other insects,

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Soggy Weather means Lots of Millipedes and Fungus Gnats

Recently, we have been seeing a lot of inquiries on two denizens of dampness; fungus gnats and millipedes. While neither of these arthropods are huge problems, they can become curiosities and annoyances when the weather is as wet as it

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Royal Bees and Wasps on the Move

Introduction to Stinging Insect Royalty Spring is a time of new beginnings for much of the natural world. This holds true for insects, such as bees and wasps, as well. This week, we have received multiple inquiries on identifying large

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Expect an Early Invasion of Stink Bugs this Fall

Based on what I saw while entering my home this weekend, brown marmorated stink bug has begun the search for overwintering sites. This is about 11 days earlier than what I have seen before. So, if you have had problems

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Time for Termites!

Termite season has begun in Kentucky!  To assist homeowners in addressing this growing problem, this article provides basic information on termite biology and control. That said, this article is intended to be a quick reference guide to answer the most

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Leggy Oddities: House Centipedes in the Home

Over the winter, some folks might see a wiggly and weird house guest in their basements or on the ground floors of their home. These are house centipedes, and while native to the Mediterranean, are now found worldwide in various

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Buggy Gifts Inside the Christmas Tree

If your household celebrates Christmas and prefers to do it with a natural tree, you may end up bringing in more than just a beautiful evergreen. There are several kinds of insects and arachnids that may be hiding on the

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Fighting Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnat fast facts Fungus gnats are flies that utilize damp soil to lay their eggs; once the eggs hatch, maggots will emerge to feed on fungi and organic matter Fungus gnats are annoying and may sometimes cause minor root

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Awooo! Wolf Spiders of Kentucky

Wolf spiders get a bad rap. They are common spiders, found under logs and rocks, as well as in open areas. They are also active hunters, meaning that they don’t spin a web like some of their more famous relatives.

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The Fall Field Cricket, a Singing Invader

According to the calendar, we are entering the autumnal portion of 2019, even if it definitely doesn’t feel like it here in Kentucky. Hopefully, temperatures will start dropping soon and we can enjoy apple picking, pumpkin carving, and cricket singing!

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Protect Your Home from Fall Invaders

Despite the early August-like temperatures this week, days are noticeably shortening as fall approaches. Shorter day length is a trigger for many insects to begin searching for protected places to pass the winter, and for some insects, that can mean

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