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Trichoderma Ear Rot of Corn

Trichoderma ear rot is one of the less common ear rots of corn in Kentucky.  However, occasionally we do see severe outbreaks of this disease in sporadic fields. This ear rot produces abundant growth of dark green to bluish-green fungal

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Christmas Tree Inhabitants May Wake Up

A number of arthropods live on Christmas trees while others may use them for winter shelter. Most are inactive or sluggish at outdoor temperatures but become active when their tree is brought indoors. The awakening can cause some alarm but

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Workshop to Illustrate Digital Delivery on Mobile Devices of In-Field Data, Information, Photos, and Diagnostic and Decision Tools

You are probably aware that the UK Wheat Science Working Group will be holding its annual Winter Wheat Workshop on January 6, 2015 at the Christian County Cooperative Extension office.  NOTE: this is a change of location from the original

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Fall Armyworm Resistant to Bt Corn Found in North Carolina: Is Your Field Next?

Mr. Cam Kenimer, who runs our corn variety trials, sent me a link to an interesting article on armyworms developing resistance to Bt corn. The article, which is actually about fall armyworm (FAW), reports that this pest carries a gene

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Managing High Tunnel Insect Pests

While growers can potentially find any type of insect pest in the high tunnel, whiteflies and thrips are the most common… and the most troublesome.  In addition to insects, several species of mites are serious and common pests. These pests

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