EPA Cancels Sale and Use of Some Pesticides

Last week the EPA announced the cancelation of the registration for several pesticide registrations. These cancellations were voluntarily requested by the registrants.  What this means is that any distribution, sale, or use of these products is subject to this cancellation.  The notice was issued last week through the Federal Register Vol 84 (97): 22841-22843. Registrants may continue to sell existing stocks of these products until May 20, 2020. Persons other than the registrants may continue to sell, distribute, and use these products until the stocks are exhausted.

The products effected by this cancelation include Meridian 0.20G, Meridian 0.14G, Avicta Complete Corn 500, THX_MXM_FDL FS, Adage Deluxe, Adage Premier, Emesto Quantum, V-10170 0.25G GL Insecticide, Inovate Seed Protectant, Inovate Neutral Seed Protectant, Aloft GC G Insecticide, Flower, Rose & Shrub Care III. After May 20, 2020 products in the pipeline can be used according to the label until supplies are exhausted.

Ric Bessin, Extension Entomologist

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