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USDA Releases the Update to the National Road Map for Integrated Pest Management

Last month, the USDA released the first update of the National Road Map for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) since 2013. This is the second update since its inception in 2003. The National Road Map helps to prioritize IPM research, technology

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Leaf Scorch and Winter Drying of Woody Plants

Leaf scorch occurs whenever water needed for growth and health of plant foliage is lost from leaves faster than it can be replaced from soil. Any factor that interferes with uptake or movement of water through plants cause water deficiency

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A Profile of Commercial Apple Production in Kentucky

Apple production in Kentucky is small, from less than 1 acre to just over 40 acres, yet profitable. Cash value of Kentucky apple production is valued at $24.4 million to $40.6 million per year. Apple orchards are distributed throughout Kentucky,

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Soybean Stem Borer Infestations are Being Noticed by Kentucky Growers: Yield might Be Reduced

Occurrences in commercial soybean fields in 2017 and 2018 In 2017, there were several reports of Dectes presence in commercial fields in Webster, Henderson, and McLean counties in Kentucky. Soybean plants infested with Dectes larva or tunneling caused by this

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Phomopsis Seed Decay and Purple Seed Stain Prevalent in Harvested Soybeans

Although soybean yields have been pretty good this year, the seed quality of harvested soybeans has not been great in some areas of the state.  Seed diseases have been prevalent in areas that have received a lot of rain since

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Difficulties in Diagnosing Diseases of Mature Soybean Plants

After soybean plants have matured in the field, many organisms begin to grow and colonize these plants.  Rainy weather often promotes growth of and colonization by these organisms.  The longer that plants have been sitting in a field after they

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Peach Leaf Curl

Peach leaf curl results in disfigured leaves during spring and summer; twigs and fruit may also become infected. Successful management of peach leaf curl begins in autumn even though symptoms are not seen until leaves emerge. Peach Leaf Curl Facts

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