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Plans for Plant Disease Diagnosis During the COVID-19 Threat

We, the members of the University of Kentucky Extension Plant Pathology Team, appreciate the high regard Kentuckians have for our plant diagnostic services.  Year-round, we work hard to support our fellow citizens in their diverse plant production systems. The COVID-19

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Last Year’s Hemp Diseases Equal This Year’s Disease Risk

Disease presence last year can indicate a risk for the same disease this year. Many pathogens overwinter on infected plant material or as pathogen survival structures. Poor sanitation practices can lead to an increased risk of these diseases in the

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Fire Blight Alert and Risk Map Overview

Apple and pear trees are at bloom or approaching bloom across Kentucky. Infection by the fire blight bacterium occurs during bloom, thus, protectant antibiotics should be applied when risk is high. Risk for infection can be assessed using the Fire

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Bugs of Boxwoods

Boxwoods are incredibly common ornamental shrubs in the state of Kentucky. Unfortunately, they are also popular with some of our insect pests. Two in particular, the boxwood leafminer and the boxwood psyllid, show up most often. Boxwood leafminer Leafminers are

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Pesticides, Respirators, and Covid-19

There is a critical need for N95 respirators for health care workers to deal with the increasing threat of Covid-19, which means that there are few, if any, respirators available in the marketplace for agricultural pesticide applications.  Some herbicide, fungicide,

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Plant Diseases of Fruit Prediction Models for Kentucky Counties (PPFS-FR-T-07)

Numerous plant diseases impact fruit crops throughout Kentucky. Factors such as plant growth stage, as well as rainfall, temperature, and other weather conditions, can be used to determine risk for plant disease.  Disease prediction models can aid growers in assessing

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2020 Insect Trap Counts

Trap counts for major insect pests are provided by the Kentucky IPM Program. Traps are located at the UK Research and Education Center in western Kentucky and the UK Spindletop Farm in Lexington.  Below are trap counts for the current

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