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Crown Gall (PPFS-GEN-01)

Beginning in autumn and extending through winter, the loss of foliage on deciduous woody plants makes it easier to identify the presence of crown gall. This disease can affect a wide range of crops, including woody ornamentals, tree fruits, and

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UK Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab – Sample Submission in 2023

The UK Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab (PDDL) staff have had a busy year of samples in 2022 and look forward to providing diagnostic resources to Extension personnel and stakeholders in 2023.  At present, our anticipated procedures for sample submission next

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Lettuce Drop Disease: Identification and Potential Management Options (video)

Sclerotinia lettuce drop is a cool season disease that commonly occurs in spring on lettuce.  Speaking within a high tunnel lettuce planting, Dr. Nicole Gauthier, University of Kentucky Vegetable Extension Plant Pathologist, explains common symptoms and signs for identifying lettuce

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