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Blackleg of Potato

Potatoes are often one of the first crops planted into the vegetable garden. However, growers and gardeners alike should be on the lookout for blackleg disease. This disease can occur in both commercial and homegrown potatoes. “Seed” potatoes may be

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Vegetable Root and Stem Maggots are Controlled Preventively

With the cool wet spring we have experienced, many producers may be in a hurry to get their vegetable crops off to a quick start. But this may favor losses to root and stem maggots (Figure 1). While early planting

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Mite Management in High Tunnels

As the weather begins to warm, mite activity is likely to increase in high tunnels and greenhouses. Due to their small size and cryptic habits, it is usually easier to initially scout for signs of their activity, rather than trying

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Planning a Vegetable Garden

While it may seem like spring is a long way off, one way to ward off those winter blues is to starting planning for this year’s vegetable garden. There are many items to consider when planning a garden. The decisions

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Ordering Seeds for Vegetable Gardens

Cool temperatures and the constant threat of snow may make it feel like spring couldn’t be further away, but planning for spring gardens begins during winter months when seeds are ordered. Looking through a seed catalog, store rack, or online

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Spider Mites Active on Vegetables

The hot, dry conditions we experienced earlier this month have brought on two-spotted spider mite problems in some areas. Unlike many insect problems, we are alerted to mite infestations by the symptoms of their damage rather than seeing the mites

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Controlling Corn Earworm on Sweet Corn

One of the more challenging crops to keep insect-free is sweet corn, especially with later plantings that ripen after early August. The key pest is corn earworm, which remains hidden in the tip of the ear until the ear is

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