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After Hail: Steps to Help Mitigate Disease Problems in Vegetable Plantings

Hail is typically accompanied by driving rains and wind and can physically damage even the strongest plants. Depending on the extent, plants can usually recover from hail damage. However, these injuries may serve as sites of infection for various fungal

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Vegetable Diseases to Scout for: Bacterial Spot of Pepper

Kentucky vegetable growers should be on the lookout for bacterial spot of pepper this week. As the most common disease of pepper in Kentucky, homeowners or growers not using preventative practices will experience at least some bacterial spot. The disease

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Solanaceous Crops Scouting Guide Website

The publication An IPM Scouting Guide for Common Pests of Solanaceous Crops in Kentucky was first introduced in 2011 as an online PDF/paper version. In order to improve access to this important scouting guide, the Veggie Scout website was developed.

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Vegetable Diseases to Scout for: Southern Blight

Southern blight, or basal stem rot as it is sometimes called, most commonly affects tomato, pepper, cucumbers, beans, and cabbage, but has a very wide host range and can infect many crops. The disease can occur in any system where

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Vegetable and Tobacco Diseases to Scout for: Botrytis Gray Mold

Kentucky growers, both of vegetables and tobacco, should be on the lookout for Botrytis gray mold. This disease may occur in the field under humid conditions, but is most common in greenhouses or high tunnels. Botrytis gray mold can also

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Submission of Tomato Plant Samples for Diagnosis

Tomatoes are a favorite vegetable crop in Kentucky gardens. However, this staple of the home garden often falls victim to diseases, insect pests, or abiotic conditions, such as poor site characteristics and planting practices, mechanical damage, chemical damage, etc. When

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Blackleg of Potato

Potatoes are often one of the first crops planted into the vegetable garden. However, growers and gardeners alike should be on the lookout for blackleg disease. This disease can occur in both commercial and homegrown potatoes. “Seed” potatoes may be

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