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Blackleg of Potato

Potatoes are often one of the first crops planted into the vegetable garden. However, growers and gardeners alike should be on the lookout for blackleg disease. This disease can occur in both commercial and homegrown potatoes. “Seed” potatoes may be

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Stay Vigilant for Bacterial Disease in Veggie Transplants

With transplant season in full swing, producers should have their eyes peeled for symptoms of bacterial disease. Several aspects of transplant production systems lend themselves to developing bacterial disease problems, including: Numerous vegetable bacterial diseases can be transmitted through infested

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University of Kentucky Vegetable IPM Hotline

Extension specialists at the University of Kentucky have introduced a new resource for vegetable producers, the Vegetable IPM Hotline (Figure 1). Each Tuesday, a new message will be available that provides information on vegetable crops, chemical updates, and information about

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Recommendations for Starting Disease-Free Vegetable Transplants

Many home gardeners and commercial growers have placed their seed orders or have the seeds saved from last year safely tucked away. In the coming months it will be time to start those seeds in transplant trays. However, many vegetable

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Planning a Vegetable Garden

While it may seem like spring is a long way off, one way to ward off those winter blues is to starting planning for this year’s vegetable garden. There are many items to consider when planning a garden. The decisions

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Ordering Seeds for Vegetable Gardens

Cool temperatures and the constant threat of snow may make it feel like spring couldn’t be further away, but planning for spring gardens begins during winter months when seeds are ordered. Looking through a seed catalog, store rack, or online

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Biological Pest Management in Kentucky High Tunnel / Greenhouse Tomato Production Systems

Kentucky producers of tomatoes in high tunnel or greenhouse production systems manage several key arthropod pests to maximize their yields and profits.  An environmentally and economically sound management system for these pests is based on the following components: Sanitation and

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