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Sanitation Recommendations for Small-Scale Field Hemp Plantings

Hemp is often considered a disease-free plant. However, no research has been done to determine whether certain pathogens can increase to problematic levels in the field. If disease becomes a significant problem in field-planted hemp, the result can be premature

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Hemp Greenhouse Sanitation: Cleaning Up Today May Keep Disease Away

Diseases are a major concern for greenhouse hemp growers, and they can be a factor that limits the profitable production of plants. The warm, humid greenhouse environment provides optimal conditions for reproduction of many pathogens. A good sanitation program can

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Powdery Mildew of Hemp Research Yields Valuable Insights for Growers

Interest in hemp production in Kentucky is on the rise. However, little to no information is known about the many diseases that pose a risk to hemp. One of the most common diseases of hemp is powdery mildew. This disease

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