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Insecticides Registered in Kentucky for Insects Affecting Commercial Hemp

Many insecticides utilized for specialty crops in Kentucky cannot be utilized in commercial hemp production growing systems because they have not been registered in Kentucky for use on the crop. However, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) has a short

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Hemp and Pesticides

Two weeks ago, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) posted their statement on Kentucky hemp and pesticides here . With this notification, the KDA listed criteria required in order for a pesticide to be available for use on hemp. A

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Kentucky Department of Agriculture Provides Guidance on Hemp Pesticides

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) last week released a statement on pesticide use for industrial hemp. This represents their guidance on the types of pesticide products that may be used for the production of industrial hemp. This guidance discusses

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Oregon Department of Ag Stops Sale of Some Pesticides

This past week, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has expanded a Stop Sale, Use and Removal Order (SSURO) to include six neem oil products from various manufacturers/registrants.  This follows an SSRUO for a single insecticide product last winter. The problem

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Dealers Need to Verify Pesticide Certifications when Selling Restricted-Use Pesticides

Only certified applicators are allowed to purchase and use Restricted-Use Pesticides. Typically, when an applicator purchases one of these pesticides, they present their private or commercial applicator certification card. However, because a few applicators have suspended certifications, dealers must verify

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EPA Cancels Sale and Use of Some Pesticides

Last week the EPA announced the cancelation of the registration for several pesticide registrations. These cancellations were voluntarily requested by the registrants.  What this means is that any distribution, sale, or use of these products is subject to this cancellation. 

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USDA Survey of Fruit and Vegetables for Pesticide Residues

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service recently released the 2017 Pesticide Data Program (PDP) report in which they summarize their survey of pesticide residues in selected produce. Each year they collect pesticide residue data on commodities most frequently consumed by infants

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