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2015 IPM Training for Field Crops

2015 IPM Training will be held on March 4 at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center located in Princeton. Presenters and topics for the day will include:  Dr. Jim Martin, Update on Resistant Weeds and New Technology; Dr.

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Disease Management for Backyard Fruit – Preparing for the Growing Season

A variety of diseases affect backyard fruit.  However, fungicide availability may be different from commercial options.  Publication PPFS-GEN-08 Simplified Fungicide Guide for Backyard Fruit provides an overview of disease risk, timing, and fungicide efficacy for home fruit production (Figure 1).

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Armored Scales Are Challenging

Armored scales are significant pests of landscape trees and shrubs. Many blend into the bark of infested trees and shrubs, but a few are very distinct. All are difficult to control because of the waxy covering over the adults and

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Will Eastern Tent Caterpillar Numbers Continue To Climb?

Eastern tent caterpillar (ETC) numbers have been increasing steadily over the last few years in Central Kentucky. The disastrous Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS) outbreak of 1999-2001 is a stark reminder of the potential threat to the equine industry posed

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Cold Weather Is Louse Weather

Cold weather is louse weather. Inadequate nutrition, compromised immune response, and shipping stress also favor outbreaks, if there are any infested animals in the herd. Additionally, fewer daylight hours during winter appear to contribute to problems with lice. Spread and

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Life in the Rick—Firewood Insects

Many people use a wood-burning stove for heat or occasionally light some logs in the fireplace for enjoyment on cold winter nights. However, a quiet rick of firewood can harbor its own life. Many different insects can develop in stressed,

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