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Biological Pest Management in Kentucky High Tunnel / Greenhouse Tomato Production Systems

Kentucky producers of tomatoes in high tunnel or greenhouse production systems manage several key arthropod pests to maximize their yields and profits.  An environmentally and economically sound management system for these pests is based on the following components: Sanitation and

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Clean Up High Tunnels Now to Reduce Veggie Disease Next Year

Numerous important diseases of vegetables can overwinter more effectively in protected environments like greenhouses and high tunnels, as compared to field environments. These include foliar diseases like leaf mold, gray mold, and powdery mildews. In addition, soilborne diseases, like root

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Watch for Thrips — They’re Abundant this Year

There have been several reports of high thrips populations attacking crops and bothering homeowners alike this spring (see KPN June 5, 2018, Thrips Can Be Cause of “Mystery Bites” and “Pool Miseries”). Despite their tiny size, various thrips species are

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Vegetable and Tobacco Diseases to Scout for: Botrytis Gray Mold

Kentucky vegetable and tobacco growers should be on the lookout for Botrytis gray mold. This disease may occur in fields under humid conditions, but it is most common in greenhouses and high tunnels. Botrytis gray mold can also affect numerous

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Watch for Mites in High Tunnels

There have been several reports of spider mites on high tunnel tomatoes this past week. This coincides with the onset of some much-needed warmer weather in the Commonwealth. Generally, higher levels of mites are more common with warmer weather. Ideally,

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Mite Management in High Tunnels

As the weather begins to warm, mite activity is likely to increase in high tunnels and greenhouses. Due to their small size and cryptic habits, it is usually easier to initially scout for signs of their activity, rather than trying

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Greenhouse/High Tunnel Pest Management: Getting Off to a Clean Start

Controlling arthropod pests in greenhouses can be a challenge since these protected environments provide ideal conditions for development of some common plant pests. Additionally, the structure itself excludes natural enemies from attacking these pests, allowing their populations to develop more

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