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Greenhouse/High Tunnel Pest Management: Getting Off to a Clean Start

Controlling arthropod pests in greenhouses can be a challenge since these protected environments provide ideal conditions for development of some common plant pests. Additionally, the structure itself excludes natural enemies from attacking these pests, allowing their populations to develop more

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Managing Aphids in High Tunnels and Greenhouses

One of the more common pest issues across a range of vegetable crops in greenhouses is aphid management. Vegetable production in protected environments is generally used to extend seasons and during these times of the year problems with aphids are

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Diseases to Scout for: Pythium Damping-off and Root Rot

Extended periods of cool, wet weather this spring may have you noticing symptoms of a common pathogen infecting plants: Pythium. This water mold pathogen particularly attacks seeds, seedlings, and young plants (Figures 1 and 2). Pythium is present at low

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Mites/Miticides in High Tunnels

We are beginning to get some reports of spider mites on tomatoes in high tunnels. Mites are challenging pests to manage in greenhouses and high tunnels as they often go undetected when their populations are low. However, they reproduce quickly

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High Tunnel White Fly Update

In the past week, there have been several reports of whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, and thrips attacking tomatoes in high tunnels or greenhouses. It is not unusual to have an upturn of insect activity in high tunnels as the season

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Whiteflies in High Tunnels

High tunnel insect management can be challenging, and whiteflies (Figure 1) on tomatoes and other vegetable crops can be one of the more common challenges. While there are several species of whiteflies that we routinely find in high tunnels, silverleaf

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Managing Mites and Miticides in High Tunnels

Mites can be challenging pests to manage in greenhouses and high tunnels.  This is partly due to their small size; mites can go undetected until their numbers build and damage becomes apparent.  We are fortunate to have several miticides available

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