Extension Plant Pathology

Carl Bradley Soybeans, small grains & canola
Nicole Gauthier Ornamentals (nursery, landscape & greenhouse), fruit crops & hemp
Emily Pfeufer Tobacco & vegetables (field & greenhouse production)
Paul Vincelli Turf & forest trees
Kiersten Wise Corn, sorghum & forages

Extension Entomology

Ricardo Bessin Fruit, vegetables, tobacco,pesticides & IPM
Zach Devries Structural & urban pest control; medical  entomology
Jonathan Larson Turf, ornamentals, urban forestry, greenhouses & forestry
John Obrycki Greenhouses & biocontrol
Michael Potter Structural & urban pest control; medical  entomology
Raul Villanueva Grain crops & stored grain

Extension Weed Science

J. D. Green Forages & agronomic crops
Travis Legleiter Agronomic crops
5 comments on “Contacts
  1. Kristi says:

    I read the article about sweat bee’s and it says that “they don’t bite or sting” Yes they do sting. Just wondering why your article says they don’t

  2. cakaiser2014 says:

    Thank you for your comment. I have passed your question on to our Entomologist. I would expect that you would hear from him in the next few days.

    Thanks again!

  3. Tom Roehm says:

    Sweat bees sting,hover flies,also called Corn flies Do Not.

  4. The resemblance of hover flies to stinging insects is an effective defense for them. Here is a fact sheet that provides some extra information on these beneficial insects and the stingers that they resemble.

    Click to access HN-94.pdf

  5. R. Thornton says:

    Also, sweat bees are actually bees in the order Hymenoptera which includes wasps, other bees (including the European honey bee) and ants. Hover flies are in the order Diptera which includes houseflies and horse flies among so many other flies. While they are both incredibly beneficial, these two flying insects ARE NOT the same. Please consider correcting this misinformation in this publication and subsequent publications.

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