Extension Plant Pathology

Carl Bradley Soybeans, small grains & canola
Nicole Ward Gauthier Ornamentals (nursery, landscape & greenhouse), fruit crops & hemp
Emily Pfeufer Tobacco & vegetables (field & greenhouse production)
Paul Vincelli Turf & forest trees
Kiersten Wise Corn, sorghum & forages

Extension Entomology

Ricardo Bessin IPM Coordinator; vegetables & fruit
Michael Potter Structural & urban pest control; medical  entomology
Lee Townsend Tobacco, forages, turf & landscape ornamentals; veterinary entomology; pesticide safety education coordinator
Raul Villanueva Grain crops

Extension Weed Science

J. D. Green Forages & agronomic crops
Travis Legleiter Agronomic crops
4 comments on “Contacts
  1. Kristi says:

    I read the article about sweat bee’s and it says that “they don’t bite or sting” Yes they do sting. Just wondering why your article says they don’t

  2. cakaiser2014 says:

    Thank you for your comment. I have passed your question on to our Entomologist. I would expect that you would hear from him in the next few days.

    Thanks again!

  3. Tom Roehm says:

    Sweat bees sting,hover flies,also called Corn flies Do Not.

  4. The resemblance of hover flies to stinging insects is an effective defense for them. Here is a fact sheet that provides some extra information on these beneficial insects and the stingers that they resemble.

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