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Stripe Rust of Wheat Update

Stripe rust, caused by the fungus Puccinia striiformis, was fairly prevalent in Kentucky wheat fields in 2016, and will likely make an appearance again in 2017.  Generally, the stripe rust fungus doesn’t survive Kentucky winters, but it can move into

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Entomopathogenic Fungus may Cause High Mortality on Aphids

The bird cherry-oat aphid, Rhopalosiphum padi (Figure 1), is one of the common aphids found in Kentucky on small grains, such as winter wheat and barley. R. padi is of economic importance due to the direct damage caused to grains

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Beware of True Armyworms–Mild Winter Provides Conditions for Potential Injuries in Small Grains

The true armyworm (Mythimna unipuncta) is one of the species of armyworms that feeds on small grains in spring in Kentucky. This species is different from fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda). Fall armyworms overwinter in south Texas and Mexico; whereas true

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Freeze Effects on Aphids and Their Parasitoids under the Mild Winter Conditions of 2017

Kentucky and the northeastern U.S. experienced a mild winter in 2017. To survive the low temperatures of winter, insects enter into diapause at a specific life stage (adult, larva, pupa or egg). Diapause is a process in which insects slow

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Earlier Aphid Occurrences on Wheat May Be a Consequence of the 2017’s Warm Winter

In Kentucky, there is a complex of aphid species that feeds on wheat. Bird cherry oat (Figure1a), English grain (Figure1b), greenbug, and corn leaf aphid are the most important species. Their role as vectors of plant viruses, particularly barley yellow

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UK Wheat Production Field School: A Hands-on Training

The UK Wheat Science Group will offer hands-on training sessions on managing wheat in Kentucky.  The sessions will be held at UK Research and Education Center in Princeton (1205 Hopkinsville St) and are scheduled March 8 (Green-up) and April 26

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Soybean Rust Headed Our Way

Soybean rust was observed last week in Coffee County, Tennessee (south-central TN) last week.  Dr. Heather Kelly with the University of Tennessee posted an on-line article about the find here. Soybean rust has not yet been observed in Kentucky for

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