Fifth Annual National Pesticide Safety Education Month – February 2022

February is National Pesticide Safety Education month. This is a time to reinforce the core principles of safe and responsible pesticide use with many audiences. Pesticides are key tools used to manage a diverse group of pests, diseases, and weeds.

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Blueberry Cankers and Twig Blights (PPFS-FR-S-10)

Blueberry diseases are generally a minor problem in most Kentucky locations as long as the proper planting site is selected and good cultural practices are followed.  However, stresses, such as improper pH and freeze injury, can predispose plants to canker,

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2022 IPM Training School

The outreach programs of the UK Research and Education Center at Princeton are on schedule for 2022 in spite of the devastation of our facilities from the December 10, 2021 tornado. Our commitment to students, farmers, consultants, and all Kentucky

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Chlorpyrifos Food-Use Tolerance Cancellation Imminent

Last August, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced that all food tolerances for chlorpyrifos would be revoked. This will take effect on February 28, 2022.  After the tolerances are revoked, applications of chlorpyrifos will render any food so treated as

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Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Handbook

The Southeastern U.S Vegetable Crop Handbook provides commercial growers with a practical resource for vegetable crop production and managing diseases, insects, and weeds.  Topics include cultivar selection, planting dates, fertilizer recommendations, cover crop and conservation tillage options, pesticides, grafting, fertigation,

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Some Principles of Fungicide Resistance (PPFS-MISC-02)

Fungicides are important tools in modern crop production. Unfortunately, one of the risks of using fungicides is that fungi sometimes develop resistance to these products. Resistance development is a concern because the products may become less effective—or even useless—for controlling

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Rotating Cut Flowers Within a Tomato High Tunnel Production System (CCD-FS-23)

High tunnels provide opportunities for season extension by granting early and late-season protection from cold temperatures. Tomato production is the most common and highest-valued vegetable crop grown in high tunnels. Incorporating another crop that can follow tomatoes in the same

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From Tree Thief to Holiday Tradition: The Story of Mistletoe

Once autumn leaves have fallen, mistletoe becomes highly visible on large trees throughout Kentucky. Phoradendron, the scientific name for Kentucky’s most common type of this parasitic plant, means tree thief. These small leafy plants are commonly found on twigs and

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Black Knot (PPFS-FR-T-04)

Black knot is a common, often serious, disease of plums and cherries in Kentucky.  Ornamental Prunus species, as well as wild plums and cherries, may also be affected.  This disease is aptly named for the conspicuous black knotty growths that form

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Hackberry Psyllids Popping Up Inside

Household pests Recently, UK Extension Entomology personnel have received inquiries about small insects that seem to have invaded homes through window screens and other narrow entrances. When samples of these trespassers were obtained, they turned out to be hackberry psyllids,

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Fundamental Principles of Plant Pathology for Agricultural Producers (PPA-41)

All crops grown in Kentucky have the potential to become diseased under the right conditions.  A plant is diseased when it is affected by some agent that interferes with its normal development.  Plant pathology, the study of plant diseases, can

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How Poinsettia Diseases Can Ruin the Holiday

Poinsettia are holiday decorations in public and personal spaces. No holiday décor is complete without at least one. However, numerous plant diseases can act as a Grinch to steal holiday cheer. Proper plant selection and maintenance are important for a

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Does Your Christmas Tree have Bugs?

If your household celebrates Christmas, and if you prefer to use a natural tree to do so, you may end up bringing in more than just a beautiful evergreen. Firs, pines, and spruces can all harbor a multitude of arthropods

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Hope for the Best, But….Have an Applicator’s Pesticide First Aid Kit Handy

For many, applying pesticides can be a routine task. You go through the steps of donning PPE, checking equipment, measuring out pesticides and water, making the actual application, cleaning equipment and yourself, as well as notifying workers and recordkeeping. But

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Bacterial Leaf Scorch of Shade Trees (PPFS-OR-W-12)

Bacterial leaf scorch is a chronic, eventually fatal disease that has devastated many shade trees in Kentucky landscapes and street plantings since the 1980s. Since then, an increasingly large number of urban plantings and historic trees have been destroyed as

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