Christmas Tree Inhabitants May Wake-up

A number of arthropods live on Christmas trees while others may use them for winter shelter. Most are inactive or sluggish at outdoor temperatures but become active when their tree is brought indoors. The awakening can cause some alarm but

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Revisions to Worker Protection Standards (WPS) Become Effective in 2017

The 1992 Worker Protection Standards established specific requirements for employers to follow in order to reduce the potential for worker exposure to pesticides. Revisions to these standards will go into effect January 2, 2017. They will give farm workers health

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What’s Wrong with My Taxus (ID-52) Taxus (yew) is an evergreen shrub commonly found in Kentucky landscapes. Numerous conditions can cause these shrubs to exhibit yellowing and browning symptoms. Taxus troubles can be the result of diseases, insects, or adverse

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Diagnosis of “No Disease”

Extension agents and growers may occasionally receive diagnostic reports from the University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory that indicate, “no disease was found.”  This may result from an insufficient sample and/or that the plant problem does not result from

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Leaf Scorch and Winter Drying of Woody Plants

Leaf scorch occurs whenever water needed for growth and health of plant foliage is lost from leaves faster than it can be replaced from soil. Any factor that interferes with uptake or movement of water through plants cause water deficiency

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Tree Wounds – Invitations to Wood Decay Fungi

Wood decay leads to loss of tree vigor and vitality, resulting in decline, dieback, and structural failure. Wounds play an important part in this process since they are the primary point of entry for wood decay pathogens. While other factors

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Genetically Engineered Crops – A Review of Concerns and Benefits (PPFS-MISC-07) The manipulation of the genetic make-up of crops raises numerous concerns and questions for many consumers. Are they safe? What are the benefits of GMOs? This publication aims to

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