New Cereal Aphid (Sipha maydis) Expands Range of Distribution

Current Range Recent information called my attention to the geographic expansion of an invasive pest affecting grasses and cereals. This new pest is the old world aphid Sipha maydis (Hemiptera: Aphididae). The first report on S. maydis came from John

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Tobacco Diseases to Scout for: Blue Mold and Target Spot

Two diseases should be at the top of tobacco transplant growers’ minds as setting time approaches: blue mold and target spot. Early identification and management of blue mold and target spot will not only reduce losses on the farm, but

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Orange Rust:  Non-Curable Disease in Brambles

Orange rust of brambles (blackberry and raspberries) is beginning to produce spores across Kentucky. Symptoms are often noticed in early spring when newly formed shoots appear weak and spindly. Once infected, the pathogen spreads throughout the entire plant. While orange

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Eastern Tent Caterpillars Up in 2016

Kentucky’s eastern tent caterpillar population has been growing steadily over the past few years. However, the trend appears to have accelerated; tents and defoliated cherry trees were very noticeable this spring (Figure 1). Many of the hairy caterpillars have left

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A Great Spring for Aphids

This long spring is ideal for aphids. Colonies of the small sap-feeders (Figure 1) can be found on many landscape plants now. Impacts of aphids vary widely. Some species manage to remove sap without any obvious effect on plants. However,

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Insects Off and Running Early for 2016

Since arthropods are cold-blooded animals, temperature plays a major role in their growth and development. There is a threshold temperature for each species; 50oF is that value for many of our common insects. No development occurs when daily temperatures remain

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Tree Fruit Fungicide Spray Schedule Worksheets A new worksheet has been created for commercial peach/stone fruit growers. It is designed to assist growers in planning an appropriate fungicide spray schedule.  A similar worksheet is also available for apple producers; both

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