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Assessing and Utilizing UK Extension Resources for Commercial Fruit Production

The University of Kentucky Extension team has put together numerous resources for commercial fruit growers regarding production and pest management. However, many growers are not aware of the wide range of publications, newsletters, websites, and other resources that are available

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Hanging by a Thread

Dead, curled leaves dangling by fungal “threads” are typical of a disease called thread blight.  This disease is more common in eastern Kentucky, where it has been observed on apple, cherry, and viburnum.  Other potential hosts include cotoneaster, dogwood, gooseberry,

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Apple Bitter Rot Season is Upon Us

While fruit rots have a variety of causes, the most common fungal fruit rot of apple in Kentucky is bitter rot. The disease results in rotten, inedible fruit. Fungicides are available for management; however, sanitation is critical for disease prevention.

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Spotted Wing Drosophila Numbers Increasing

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) activity is on the rise with high numbers in several Kentucky counties. Some locations have trapped relatively high numbers needing control. This increase in activity is earlier than what we have experienced in preceding years and

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Phomopsis Twig Blight & Stem Canker of Blueberry

Phomopsis twig blight and stem canker is becoming more common in Kentucky blueberry. Stressed plants are more susceptible to this disease, and reports are often associated with fields that have a history of Phytophthora root rot or severe abiotic disorder

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Fire Blight Symptoms Now Visible on Fruit Crops

Fire blight is the most important disease of apple and pear in Kentucky. Symptoms may now be visible; however, initial infections occured at bloom. The pathogen survives winter in dead, dying, and diseased wood and in cankers. Removal of these

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Apple Scout Website

The publication An IPM Scouting Guide for Common Problems of Apple in Kentucky was first introduced in 2014 as an online/paper version. In order to improve access to this important scouting guide, a mobile website was developed. The Apple Scout

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