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Sugarcane Aphid Detected on Sweet Sorghum

This past week, sugarcane aphid was detected and confirmed infesting sweet sorghum in Monroe County. The next day, we detected it in Fayette County on sweet sorghum as well. These are the first confirmed detections of 2017 and are a

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Alfalfa Weevils – Now What?

The 2017 alfalfa weevil population is winding down, but some are taking their last bites before leaving fields. The few late-developing larvae, along with newly emerged adults, can feed on stems, crowns, and shoots produced after harvest. Surviving larvae may

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Alfalfa Weevil – The Next Step

Alfalfa weevils have been very damaging in some fields this year (Figure 1). While Individual larvae feed for about 3 weeks, a wide window for egg hatch this year has resulted in an extended season. Unfortunately, additional damage is still

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Control Considerations for Alfalfa Weevils – Odds And and Ends

This seems to be a banner year for the alfalfa weevil, at least in some regions of the state. Here are some things to consider for effective weevil control: 1) There is no indication that insecticide resistance should be an

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Weevil Watch

Alfalfa weevil populations are continuing to develop with mostly small larvae (less than 1/8 inches long) (Figure 1) collected in sweep samples taken from 4- to 6-inch alfalfa in three Fayette county fields on March 24, 2017. While not an

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Alfalfa Weevil Feeding Underway – Injury Potential Is A Numbers Game

Alfalfa weevil is the major insect pest of the first alfalfa cutting. Kentucky’s mild winter has pushed development significantly ahead so feeding by weevil larvae is appearing early. The February 21, 2017 issue of KPN provided a look at the

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Tale of Two Weevils

Alfalfa weevils (AW) are the key pest of the first alfalfa cutting in Kentucky. These green, legless larvae (Figure 1) initially chew small “pin holes” in developing tip foliage (Figure 2). The clover leaf weevil (CLW) is a second species

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