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Don’t Get Burned by Potato Leafhopper…Hopperburn That Is!

Potato leafhoppers often go unnoticed until their characteristic damage to alfalfa begins to appear in early summer. Potato leafhopper is tiny and non-descript, hence, it is easy to overlook. It is the key insect pest of second and third cutting

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Grass Sawflies in Hay

After the fall armyworm outbreak we experienced last fall in soybeans, alfalfa, pastures, and other crops, producers are wary of insects building up in their pastures and hay fields. Last week, we had a report from a producer in south

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Conducive Weather for Seedcorn Maggot & Slugs Outbreaks in Field Crops

The rainy and cloudy weather we are currently observing in many growing areas of Kentucky may lead to outbreaks of seedcorn maggots and slugs in corn and soybeans. These pests are problems on emerging seedlings and reduce plant densities. If

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Spring Is Coming … So Is Alfalfa Weevil!

The UK Ag Weather Center’s degree day (DD) model for alfalfa weevil indicates that many counties in Kentucky are likely to exceed 190 DD (used as a starting point to begin scouting) by the third week of March. Once temperature

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Fall Armyworm Update

Fall armyworm reports continue to come in with a wide range of crops attacked, including pasture grasses (crabgrass, Bermuda grass, orchard grass, sorghum-Sudan grass), alfalfa, clover, soybean, sorghum, and cabbage. The pest has a wide host range including over 80

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Why are My Fall Armyworm Melting?

The have been a few reports of fall armyworm (FAW) larvae ‘melting’ on plants. This is likely due to infections of the larvae by a naturally occurring nucleopolyhedrovirus, usually referred to as an NPV. There are many different types of

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Fall Armyworm May Have a Persistent Presence as Oviposition Lingers in August

During July of 2021, fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) caused serious damage in soybeans and forages in Central and Western Kentucky. Fall armyworm is a polyphagous pest that feeds on many plant species of the Poaceae (grasses, including rice,

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Fall Armyworm Outbreak: Round Two

About a month ago, we experienced a large fall armyworm moth flight into the state from southern areas. This resulted in outbreaks in Western Kentucky in pastures, sorghum, and soybeans, primarily double-crop beans.  Some surrounding states consider this the biggest

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Fall Armyworm Moth Numbers Increasing

Fall armyworm (FAW) is a migratory pest that re-infests Kentucky each summer and is killed by frost in the fall. It often shows up later in the season after corn has tassled and lost its attractiveness to this pest. But

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Watch Pastures for True Armyworm

There has been one report of true armyworm in pastures, and moth numbers increased dramatically the week before last in Lexington. While I also have a KPN article on fall armyworm in western Kentucky this week, keep in mind these

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Alfalfa Weevil and Insecticide Resistance

This past week, I received a report of high levels of alfalfa weevil larvae following an insecticide application. The producer was concerned that the insecticide he was using was not effective. I visited with the grower and collected several hundred

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Begin Scouting Fields for Alfalfa Weevil

The UK Ag Weather Center’s degree day model for alfalfa weevil indicates that many counties in Kentucky have recently exceeded the 190 Degree Day (190 DD) used as a starting point to begin scouting for alfalfa weevil. Most other counties

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Watch for Blister Beetles in Hay

Several species of blister beetles are common in Kentucky; they can be a problem to livestock when they infest alfalfa hay. As few as 5 to 10 of these beetles can be fatal to horses when ingested because of the

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Potato Leafhopper, Hopperburn, and Christobal

The Gulf tropical depression Christobal has been making headlines with heavy rains experienced in the South and expected in parts of the Midwest. But there is more than just rain that arrives with these storm systems; they also carry migratory

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Warrior II with Zeon Technology® Approved for Control of Crane Flies in Alfalfa

In 2019, we reported that an alfalfa field was affected by crane flies in Muhlenberg County. Similar issues have been observed this year in the same field. Alfalfa plants showed signs of severe injuries to stems, foliage, and roots. A

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