Covid-19 and Pesticide Certification and Licenses

Due to the emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and suspension of all face-to-face training meetings and testing for Private Applicators at county Extension offices in Kentucky, we are using the following procedures to certify new private applicators. Similarly, the KDA has suspended all testing for commercial and non-commercial licenses. Commercial and non-commercial applicators are directed to visit the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s webpage to learn of the modifications with the commercial licensing and certification process. Private applicators needing training must visit our Kentucky Pesticide Safety Education Program webpage.

Private, commercial, and non-commercial applicator certifications that expired last December will be extended through the end of this year, however, commercial and non-commercial applicators need to pay the 2020 license fees online through the KDA account registration website. Pesticide dealers need to visit the Kentucky Department of Agriculture website to review these changes.

Persons seeking new commercial or non-commercial applicator licenses will be issued a trainee license until certification testing resumes. An applicator trainee form is available on the KDA site. No new commercial operator licenses will be issued.

Figure 1. Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s guidance for pesticide applicators during the Covid-19 disruption.

Those needing new Private Applicator training will need to watch a list of online videos from our Covid-19 Private Applicator Training Plan website. There is a form to print and sign stating that they have watched all of the videos and understand and will follow the information provided. After they complete the form, they send, FAX, or email it to me and I will issue their private applicator card.  While this is not an ideal situation, we will get through this.


Ric Bessin, PSEP Coordinator




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