EPA Proposes an Update to the WPS Application Exclusion Zone Regulations

The EPA has proposed changes to the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) pesticide Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) requirements. The changes would improve enforcement and simplify requirements for pesticide applicators on farms in complying with AEZ regulations. The Application Exclusion Zone requirement,

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Poinsettia Diseases (PPFS-GH-06)

Poinsettias grown for Christmas sales are vulnerable to various destructive diseases that may develop anytime during production, from propagation to sales.  This fact sheet discusses some of the fungal and bacterial diseases that can infect greenhouse-grown poinsettias, including symptoms, cause,

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Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab Highlights

The following plant disease highlights have been compiled from samples submitted to the University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratories from October 1 to October 29, 2019. Diagnostic samples of agronomic crops have included soybean stem borer on soybean; Pythium

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Peach Leaf Curl

Peach leaf curl results in disfigured leaves during spring and summer; twigs and fruit may also become infected. Successful management of peach leaf curl begins in fall or early spring, even though symptoms are not seen until leaves emerge. Peach

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Elements of Good Pesticide Storage

With the outdoor growing season winding done, applicators are storing pesticides until next year. Storing these pesticides properly helps to protect your investment and protect other persons and environment. Because the amount of pesticides stored varies considerably from farm to

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Brown Patch in Home Lawns & Commercial Turfgrass (PPFS-OR-T-12)

Brown patch, also known as Rhizoctonia blight, is a common disease of turfgrass. All cultivated grasses grown in Kentucky can be affected; however, this disease is usually only destructive in tall fescue and perennial ryegrass.  Fine fescues and Kentucky bluegrass

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Rose Rosette Disease (PPFS-OR-W-16)

Rose rosette is a devastating disease that is a threat to virtually all cultivated roses (Rosa spp.) in Kentucky, regardless of cultivar. Even rose cultivars known for their exceptional disease resistance and hardiness are susceptible to rose rosette disease. Losses

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