Fall Armyworm Moth Captures Are Rebounding

Capture of fall armyworm moths (FAW) in the UK IPM traps at the UK Research and Education Center (UKREC) in Princeton, KY have increased for the last 2 weeks. These captures are not as great as those from the known

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Twig Girdlers

Twig girdlers are species of longhorned beetles that have a very distinctive approach to laying their eggs. The female selects a twig that is about the diameter of a fat pencil, and then chews a deep, narrow groove around it.

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Sanitation Is a Key to Dealing with the Iris Borer

Iris borers spend the winter as eggs deposited on plant debris near or around the base of infested plants. Remove and destroy old foliage and plant residue now to eliminate an important source of problems with this destructive insect next

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Horse Bot Activity Nearing an End

The first hard frost marks the end of horse bot activity for the year and signals the time for treatment. Horse bot flies look and act like bees, buzzing and droning as they hover around waiting for a chance to

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Safe Pesticide Storage

Generally, manufacturers recommend a 2-year storage period for pesticides. However, storage times vary with active ingredient, formulation, type of container, and storage conditions. Get the most out of carry-over products by carefully reading the Storage and Disposal section of each

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Fall Invaders

Lady beetles, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and flies are some of the creatures actively seeking protected overwintering sites as days get shorter and cooler. Many produce stains or unpleasant odors if crushed. Scavengers, such as carpet beetles, can be attracted

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Wheat Disease Management for 2015 Starts Now

Wheat diseases reduce grain yield and/or quality in most years. Many wheat producers rely on foliar fungicides as their primary disease management weapon. Foliar fungicides are certainly an important disease management tool. However, pre-plant decisions – that is, decisions being

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