Pesticide Calculations for Small Acreages (EntFact-800)

Most agricultural pesticide labels list use rates on a per acre basis, but this can pose an issue for many producers of specialty crops. In these cases, often only a small fraction of an acre needs to be treated, and it is important to apply these pesticides at the correct dose. Although there are many different methods to determine the correct dosage for small acreages, this article outlines a simple process that can be used.  While this fact sheet was developed by the UK Department of Entomology, the method outlined also applies to other pesticide applications, such as fungicides.

Pesticide Calculations for Small Acreages (EntFact-800) is available online.

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By Cheryl Kaiser, Plant Pathology Extension Support, Nicole Gauthier, Plant Pathology Extension Specialist, and Ric Bessin, Entomology Extension Specialist

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