Preemergence Herbicides for Kentucky Lawns (AGR-272)

Herbicides are used to control unwanted plants in many different locations. In turfgrass, several herbicides are used to control weeds before they germinate and begin to grow. These are called “preemergence herbicides” and are commonly sold as “weed preventers.” They control germinating weed seeds and subsequent growth.

This new publication discusses how preemergence herbicides work, reasons for their use in lawns, when they can be applied, and how to apply granular and liquid formulations.  A table listing common preemergence herbicides for managing turfgrass weeds is also included.

Preemergence Herbicides for Kentucky Lawns (AGR-272) is available online.

For publications on turfgrass diseases, visit the UK Plant Pathology Extension Publications webpage; publications related to turfgrass maintenance can be found at the Plant and Soil Sciences Turfgrass Science website.

By Cheryl Kaiser, Plant Pathology Extension Support, and Kenneth Clayton, Turfgrass Extension Associate

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