UK Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab – Sample Submission in 2023

The UK Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab (PDDL) staff have had a busy year of samples in 2022 and look forward to providing diagnostic resources to Extension personnel and stakeholders in 2023.  At present, our anticipated procedures for sample submission next year are as follows:

  • All samples requiring physical examination for disease diagnosis should be submitted to the local County Extension Office where they can then be sent to the PDDL in Lexington as needed. Although walk-in clients are not turned away at the PDDL, diagnosis is often possible at the county office.  The local Extension agent can make the determination on whether samples need to be referred to the PDDL and may decide to make a site visit or otherwise advise stakeholders on sample collection.  Extension agents and office staff who have questions about the correct forms and mailing address/delivery location may contact PDDL personnel directly for additional assistance.  
  • Facilities and personnel at the UK Research and Education Center (UKREC) in Princeton are not set up to accept samples for the foreseeable future. Walk-in and mailed samples to the UKREC will not be processed.
  • Commercial samples are prioritized during the busy summer season. We appreciate extra patience regarding the diagnosis of residential samples and will process those as quickly as possible.
  • Plant samples often have insect or abiotic disorders (soil fertility issues, herbicide drift, etc.). Agents may wish to contact Extension specialists in Entomology, Horticulture, Plant and Soil Sciences, and Forestry as an appropriate first step when non-disease issues are suspected. These specialists can also help determine if a physical sample needs to be submitted to the PDDL.
  • For consultation on commercial samples with suspected disease, Extension agents should consider contacting the appropriate Extension Plant Pathology Specialist for help determining whether a physical sample should be submitted to the PDDL.  Specialists’ commodity responsibilities are listed below:
    • Corn, sorghum, forages: Kiersten Wise
    • Soybean, small grain crops (i.e. barley, rye, wheat), canola: Carl Bradley
    • Tobacco: Currently no specialist with pathology responsibilities for tobacco
    • Fruit, vegetables, hemp: Nicole Gauthier
    • Ornamentals and turfgrass: Paul Vincelli (limited basis)

By Julie Beale, Plant Disease Diagnostician, and Sara Long, Plant Disease Diagnostic Assistant

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