Considerations for Diagnosis of Ornamentals in the Landscape (PPFS-GEN-15)

Diagnosing landscape plant problems can be challenging. However, an assessment of the entire growing site may aid in the diagnostic process. This publication was designed to provide a starting point for determining possible causes behind various plant problems.  The step-by-step guide directs the user through the diagnostic process of observation and information gathering.  Possible causes are suggested as part of the list of symptoms.  Should the field site diagnosis be inconclusive and samples need to be submitted to the University of Kentucky Plant Diagnostic Laboratory, the information gathered with the help of this publication can provide valuable supplementary information.

Considerations for Diagnosis of Ornamentals in the Landscape (PPFS-GEN-15) is available online.

For additional publications on plant diseases and their diagnosis, visit the UK Plant Pathology Extension Publications webpage.

By Cheryl Kaiser, Plant Pathology Extension Support, and Paul Vincelli, Plant Pathology Extension Specialist

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