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Rotating Cut Flowers Within a Tomato High Tunnel Production System (CCD-FS-23)

High tunnels provide opportunities for season extension by granting early and late-season protection from cold temperatures. Tomato production is the most common and highest-valued vegetable crop grown in high tunnels. Incorporating another crop that can follow tomatoes in the same

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From Tree Thief to Holiday Tradition: The Story of Mistletoe

Once autumn leaves have fallen, mistletoe becomes highly visible on large trees throughout Kentucky. Phoradendron, the scientific name for Kentucky’s most common type of this parasitic plant, means tree thief. These small leafy plants are commonly found on twigs and

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Black Knot (PPFS-FR-T-04)

Black knot is a common, often serious, disease of plums and cherries in Kentucky.  Ornamental Prunus species, as well as wild plums and cherries, may also be affected.  This disease is aptly named for the conspicuous black knotty growths that form

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Hackberry Psyllids Popping Up Inside

Household pests Recently, UK Extension Entomology personnel have received inquiries about small insects that seem to have invaded homes through window screens and other narrow entrances. When samples of these trespassers were obtained, they turned out to be hackberry psyllids,

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Fundamental Principles of Plant Pathology for Agricultural Producers (PPA-41)

All crops grown in Kentucky have the potential to become diseased under the right conditions.  A plant is diseased when it is affected by some agent that interferes with its normal development.  Plant pathology, the study of plant diseases, can

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How Poinsettia Diseases Can Ruin the Holiday

Poinsettia are holiday decorations in public and personal spaces. No holiday décor is complete without at least one. However, numerous plant diseases can act as a Grinch to steal holiday cheer. Proper plant selection and maintenance are important for a

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Does Your Christmas Tree have Bugs?

If your household celebrates Christmas, and if you prefer to use a natural tree to do so, you may end up bringing in more than just a beautiful evergreen. Firs, pines, and spruces can all harbor a multitude of arthropods

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Hope for the Best, But….Have an Applicator’s Pesticide First Aid Kit Handy

For many, applying pesticides can be a routine task. You go through the steps of donning PPE, checking equipment, measuring out pesticides and water, making the actual application, cleaning equipment and yourself, as well as notifying workers and recordkeeping. But

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Bacterial Leaf Scorch of Shade Trees (PPFS-OR-W-12)

Bacterial leaf scorch is a chronic, eventually fatal disease that has devastated many shade trees in Kentucky landscapes and street plantings since the 1980s. Since then, an increasingly large number of urban plantings and historic trees have been destroyed as

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Overwintering Asian Lady Beetles Might Extend their Fly Period in 2021

Situation I observed several clusters of more than 50 multicolored Asian lady beetles (Harmonia axyridis) per cluster in my garage (Figure 1). I left the garage door open for an entire day during the second week of November, and the

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Tree Wounds—Invitations to Wood Decay Fungi (PPFS-OR-W-01)

Wood decay leads to loss of tree vigor and vitality, resulting in decline, dieback, and structural failure.  Wounds play an important part in this process since they are the primary points of entry for decay pathogens. The UK Extension publication,

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New Study Investigates Methods of Laundering to Remove Pesticide Residues on Clothes

The type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you wear when handling pesticides and during pesticide applications depends on the product label for the pesticides being used. After use of PPE, you should wash reusable PPE with soap and water for

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Managing Greenhouse and High Tunnel Environments to Reduce Plant Diseases (PPFS-GH-01)

Greenhouse and high tunnel environments, which tend to be warm and humid, often create ideal situations for disease development. Because diseases can cause extensive damage, their management is essential to production of high quality, marketable products. While challenging, these environments

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Schedule for the University of Kentucky 2021 Fall Crop Protection Webinar Series Released

The University of Kentucky has organized five webinars on field crop protection topics that will be hosted through the Southern Integrated Pest Management Center starting on November 11. These weekly webinars will cover topics such as new research on foliar

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The Ragweed Weevil, a Harmless Visitor of Soybean Fields in Kentucky

Description During the last past 5 years, I have found a brownish weevil in soybean research plots at the University of Kentucky’s Research and Education Center at Princeton and in commercial soybean fields. These encounters occurred while I was scouting

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