Managing Diseases with Sanitation Practices

When diseases occur in commercial or residential plantings, it is often presumed that fungicides are the most important and effective disease management tools available.  However, a good sanitation program can help reduce the need for chemical controls and can improve the effectiveness of other practices for managing disease.  The following three fact sheets describe the importance of this often-overlooked disease management tool and suggest management practices that will help eliminate/reduce amounts of infectious pathogens in plantings.

Fruit, Orchard, and Vineyard Sanitation (PPFS-GEN-05), Landscape Sanitation (PPFS-GEN-04), and Greenhouse Sanitation (PPFS-GH-05) are available online.

featured pub PPFS-GEN-05featured pub PPFS-GEN-04

featured pub PPFS-GH-04

For additional publications on plant diseases, visit the UK Plant Pathology Extension Publications webpage.

By Nicole Ward Gauthier, Extension Plant Pathologist

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