Cleaning and Disinfecting Home Garden Tools and Equipment (PPFS-GEN-17)

Dirty tools, containers, and work surfaces come as no surprise to home gardeners. Rinsing with water to remove obvious soil or plant residues is a common practice. However, this type of basic cleaning can fail to remove microscopic plant pathogens that may remain on surfaces. Tools, containers, shoes, and surfaces should also be disinfected to remove fungal, bacterial, and viral plant pathogens to prevent transmission to healthy plants.

This new publication provides step-by step instructions on cleaning and sanitizing tools, pots, and other garden equipment using common household products.  Examples of available cleaning products and disinfectants/sanitizers are provided.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Home Garden Tools & Equipment (PPFS-GEN-17) is available online.

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By Cheryl Kaiser, Plant Pathology Extension Support and Nicole Gauthier, Plant Pathology Extension Specialist

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