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A Grower’s Guide to Kentucky Hemp Production Workshops

A Grower’s Guide to Kentucky Hemp Production workshops will be provided in seven locations throughout the Commonwealth (Figure 1). These full day, educational programs include information on various aspects of hemp production in Kentucky. Topics such as regulatory and field

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2020: List of Products for the Management of Insects and Mites in Commercial Hemp

For the 2020 growing season, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) has a list of pesticides registered for commercial hemp in the following link: Pesticide Products Registered for Industrial Hemp in Kentucky. This link should be checked periodically as new

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New Tool for Identifying Pests of Woody Plants

The Department of Entomology has created a new, interactive website to help agents and concerned tree owners identify their insect problems. The “Guide to Insect Pests of Woody Plants” will hopefully be of use to you if you have the

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Leggy Oddities: House Centipedes in the Home

Over the winter, some folks might see a wiggly and weird house guest in their basements or on the ground floors of their home. These are house centipedes, and while native to the Mediterranean, are now found worldwide in various

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EPA Proposes New Limitations on Uses of Neonicotinoid Insecticides

On February 3, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published their proposed interim decisions on neonicotinoid insecticides in the Congressional Federal Register. This review included the active ingredients imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, clothianidin, acetamiprid, and dinotefuran. Some common trade names that include these

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Recent Fungicide Changes in ID-36, Vegetable Production Guide for Kentucky

The new version of Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers, 2020-21 (ID-36) is now available as a PDF online and is on its way to county Extension offices Commonwealth-wide. Here is a summary of the major disease management-related changes from

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An Alfalfa Disease Calendar (PPA-44)

This calendar was created to assist producers and agricultural professionals improve alfalfa production.  Knowing when to expect certain diseases can help with timely management.  While infectious diseases do not follow a calendar per se, and it is not possible to

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