New Tool for Identifying Pests of Woody Plants

The Department of Entomology has created a new, interactive website to help agents and concerned tree owners identify their insect problems. The “Guide to Insect Pests of Woody Plants” will hopefully be of use to you if you have the pest in hand or if you just have the damage they left behind.

Figure 1: The landing page for the “Guide to Insect Pests of Woody Plants”. Many thanks to Pat Dillon for her hard work in designing and building the website!

The layout is very similar to other helpful guides, such as “Garden Insects of North America,” and can be used best by knowing what plant is being attacked. If you click on the “Pest List by Tree/Shrub Species” you will see an alphabetical list of some of the more common woody plants. If you click on one of the species, you will find lists of the most frequent pests of that plant. The site is not exhaustive of all woody plants or all pests, but will be updated with more species soon.

There are also dichotomous keys specifically for Maple, Elm, and Walnut pests and a general pest identification key to help narrow things down.

Figure 2: Once you click on the species of tree you are concerned about, you will see a list of pests with images and a description of the insect/mite and the damage they cause.

Figure 3: If you would like to key out what could possibly be causing the damage you are seeing, using the dichotomous key to damage can help you figure out who stole your plant’s sap or chewed its leaves.

We hope you find it helpful;, please provide any feedback you have to!


By Jonathan Larson, Extension Entomologist



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