Recent Fungicide Changes in ID-36, Vegetable Production Guide for Kentucky

The new version of Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers, 2020-21 (ID-36) is now available as a PDF online and is on its way to county Extension offices Commonwealth-wide. Here is a summary of the major disease management-related changes from previous versions:

Appendix F: Significant expansion has occurred in the number of generic fungicides available for use in vegetables. With a number of fungicidal modes of action coming off-patent, there are also several new pre-mix fungicide options combining protectant and systemic chemistries, or multiple systemic chemistries with different modes of action.

Pg. 13: Complete fungicide listing by Fungicide Resistance Action Committee Code (FRAC), Active Ingredient, and Chemical Group.

Pg. 18: Updated greenhouse fungicides list. A few new fungicides are labeled, and clarifications on use patterns are indicated for some fungicides in comments.

Throughout: New fungicides have been input in the crop- and disease-specific sections throughout the guide. Always review current product labels prior to applying any crop protectant, as labels change frequently and without announcement.

Appendix E: Fumigants for Vegetable Crops have been moved to the appendix, as these are used fairly infrequently.

If you are concerned you may not have a current product label in-hand, these can always be cross-referenced online through CDMS, Agrian, or the individual chemical company website.


By Emily Pfeufer, Extension Plant Pathologist



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