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The Red Velvet Ant: Not Delicious nor Cuddly

Velvet ants are striking insects; they are memorable and interesting due to their fuzzy appearance and bright coloration. Their name is a bit of a misnomer though; they are not actually ants at all but are wasps. Their family name

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Backyard Fruit Disease & Pest Management Cultural Guides Get a Name Change

The four Backyard Fruit Disease & Pest Management Using Cultural Practices (with Low Spray, No Spray & Organic Options) publications have been given new titles.  These guides, which were first introduced in 2015, are periodically reviewed to ensure the most

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Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab Highlights

The following plant disease highlights have been compiled from samples submitted to the University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratories from September 1-17, 2019. Diagnostic samples of agronomic crops have included summer black stem/leaf spot and anthracnose on alfalfa; Diplodia

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2019 Insect Trap Counts

Trap counts for major insect pests are provided by the Kentucky IPM Program. Traps are located at the UK Research and Education Center in western Kentucky and the UK Spindletop Farm in Lexington.  Below are trap counts for the current

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Sooty Blotch & Flyspeck Make for Ugly Apples

The time for apple harvest in Kentucky has arrived, bringing with it the possibility of less than perfect looking apples. Sooty blotch and/or flyspeck are one of many causes for blemished, ugly apples. The two fungal diseases occur together as

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How Dry Seasons Affect Woody Plants

Water is an essential component to plant mass and is vital to growth, carbohydrate production, and nutrient transport. During periods of below-average rainfall or when rain distribution is uneven, plant health may decline (Figure 1). Drought conditions or inadequate water

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Five Fall Caterpillars on the Move

As summer winds down, it’s surprising to find that insects aren’t always hiding like we might assume. In fact, some insects seem to start interacting with us even more as the calendar switches over to September. One group that we

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