Assessing and Utilizing UK Extension Resources for Commercial Fruit Production

The University of Kentucky Extension team has put together numerous resources for commercial fruit growers regarding production and pest management. However, many growers are not aware of the wide range of publications, newsletters, websites, and other resources that are available to them. The following details the resources provided by University of Kentucky IPM Fruit Workers.

College of Agriculture publications website

Departmental sites (publications, fact sheets, videos)


Email Alerts (listserv)

  • Contact Chris Smigel (
  • Separate list servs for apple, peach, grape, blueberry, strawberry, brambles

Apps and Models

Social Media



  • UK Extension – @UKExtension
  • UK Ag Weather Center – @UKAGweather
  • Southern IPM Center – @southernipm
  • Nicole Ward Gauthier – @Nicole_WardUK

Lab Services

County Agents


By Nicole Gauthier, Extension Plant Pathologist, and Kim Leonberger, Extension Associate




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