Dealers Need to Verify Pesticide Certifications when Selling Restricted-Use Pesticides

Only certified applicators are allowed to purchase and use Restricted-Use Pesticides. Typically, when an applicator purchases one of these pesticides, they present their private or commercial applicator certification card. However, because a few applicators have suspended certifications, dealers must verify that the cards presented to them are valid before selling Restricted-Use Pesticides.

Commercial applicators will have a white card, while private applicators are issued yellow cards. To verify pesticide applicators, dealers must find the commercial applicator either on the KDA website or the private applicator on the UK Private Pesticide Applicator List. Applicators are grouped by the county in which they reside or, in the case of the UK private applicators, where they were trained.


Ric Bessin, Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator



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