Black Rot of Crucifers (PPFS-VG-01)

Black rot is a common and destructive disease that affects plants in the crucifer family (cole crops) at any growth stage. Black rot has also been referred to as bacterial blight, black stem, black vein, stem rot, or stump rot. While most commonly observed on cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli, other cole crops are also susceptible.  Crucifer weeds can also serve as hosts to the black rot pathogen.

This newly revised fact sheet discusses symptoms, cause, disease development, and management options. Color images serve as aids to diagnosis.  Also included are tables listing crops and weeds that are susceptible to black rot.

Black Rot of Crucifers (PPFS-VG-01) is available online.

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By Emily Pfeufer, Extension Plant Pathologist


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