Verticillium Wilt of Woody Plants (PPFS-OR-W-18)

Verticillium wilt is a soil-borne fungal disease that can affect a wide range of ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as a number of tree fruits and woody small fruits. Over 400 woody and herbaceous plant species have been reported as hosts for this disease.

This fact sheet provides information on typical disease symptoms, cause, spread, and management.  Color photos provide aids to diagnosis. Also included are partial listings of woody hosts commonly grown in Kentucky that are susceptible and those considered resistant to Verticillium wilt.

Verticillium Wilt of Woody Plants (PPFS-OR-W-18) is available online.

For additional publications on ornamental diseases, visit the UK Plant Pathology Extension Publications webpage.


By Nicole Gauthier, Extension Plant Pathologist



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