An IPM Scouting Guide for Common Problems of Apple in Kentucky (ID-219)

One of the key components of IPM is to frequently scout and monitor crops to identify problems before they result in significant economic losses. Proper identification of pathogens, insect pests, nutritional, and physiologic disorders, as well as herbicide drift, is essential to determining the proper course of action.

The pictures included in this IPM guide represent some common pests or problems that growers may encounter during apple production in Kentucky. Sections include: Diseases, Insects, Weeds, Wildlife, Physiological Disorders, Nutrition, Production Problems, and Herbicide Injury.  Descriptions are accompanied by one or more color images, as well as a brief management comments.

An IPM Scouting Guide for Common Problems on Apple in Kentucky (ID-219) is available online.  In addition, a mobile website version of this guide is available at Apple Scout.

For additional publications on fruit diseases, visit the UK Plant Pathology Extension Publications webpage.


By Nicole Gauthier, Extension Plant Pathologist



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