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New Publications on Grain Crop Diseases Available through Crop Protection Network and University of Kentucky.

Over 25 new publications on grain crop diseases are now available through the multi-state research and Extension group, the Crop Protection Network (CPN). The CPN is a multi-state and international collaboration of university/provincial Extension specialists, and public/private professionals who provide unbiased, research-based information to farmers and agricultural personnel. Two University of Kentucky plant pathologists, Kiersten Wise and Carl Bradley, have authored many of these multi-state publications.

Publications on important diseases in Kentucky, such as southern rust of corn and frogeye leaf spot on soybean are available, as well as publications on corn ear rots and mycotoxins, plus soybean stem diseases such as sudden death syndrome, stem canker, charcoal rot, and seedling blights. Scouting cards are also available for several common soybean diseases.  Annual corn and soybean disease loss estimates are available for the United States and Ontario, Canada.

These CPN publications replace older Extension publications on the Plant Pathology Extension Publication webpage, and are updated frequently. CPN publications are available in mobile-friendly versions on the CPN website, and are also available for download as PDF files.


By Kiersten Wise and Carl Bradley, Extension Plant Pathologists


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