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Late Blight of Tomato (PPFS-VG-13)

Late blight is an extremely important and damaging disease of tomatoes and potatoes; total crop failures are common with this disease.  Late blight was a minor problem found sporadically in late summer in Kentucky until 2009, when a major epidemic of late blight swept across much of the southern and northern U.S. It is not certain that late blight will become an annual threat to tomatoes in the Commonwealth, but recent history and the potential for total crop loss suggest that growers should learn to recognize and manage this devastating disease.

PPFS-VG-13A Plant Pathology fact sheet, Late Blight of Tomato (PPFS-VG-13), describes the symptoms, signs, disease development, and management of late blight.  It is available online and through county Extension offices.  See also today’s KPN article “Late Blight Alert for Tomatoes and Potatoes.”

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By Emily Pfeufer, Extension Plant Pathologist



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