Insects Off and Running Early for 2016

Since arthropods are cold-blooded animals, temperature plays a major role in their growth and development. There is a threshold temperature for each species; 50oF is that value for many of our common insects. No development occurs when daily temperatures remain below that level. Above normal degree-day accumulation generally means a faster developmental pace. A look at degree-day accumulations (base 50) at selected locations shows 2016 to be well ahead of the previous 3 years but not as accelerated as 2012. A few cool days can quickly bring accumulations back to normal so adjustments may be necessary, but here are some things to consider:insects off and running Fig 1

  • Expect earlier appearances of common insects this year (pest and beneficial)
  • Anticipate higher populations of species with multiple generations (aphids, mites)



By Lee Townsend, Extension Entomologist



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