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Managing Diseases of Alfalfa (PPFS-AG-F-09)

Alfalfa can be a vigorous and productive forage crop for Kentucky farmers. Like all farm crops, however, alfalfa is subject to infectious diseases that can limit forage production. Alfalfa diseases can cause reduced forage yield, reduced forage quality, and decreased stand persistence. Managing these diseases is an important part of economical alfalfa production.

Featured pub PPFS-AG-F-09This fact sheet covers the symptoms and management of alfalfa diseases common to Kentucky, including seedling diseases, leaf spot/blights, root rots, wilts, and crown rots.  A listing of several additional University of Kentucky publications, which should prove useful for alfalfa producers, is also included.

Managing Diseases of Alfalfa (PPFS-AG-F-09) is available online.

For additional publications on crop diseases, visit the UK Plant Pathology Extension Publications webpage.



By Paul Vincelli, Extension Plant Pathologist


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