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Winter Decline Syndrome of Canola (PPFS-AG-R-01)

 Interest in producing canola in Kentucky has greatly increased in recent years. During the last canola “boom” in Kentucky during the late 1980s, a serious concern was the rapid decline of stands during late winter and early spring. Referred to as winter decline syndrome, the problem was so severe in some fields that near complete crop failure occurred. At present, it is unknown if newer canola cultivars — with reported improved winter hardiness and survival — will be less subject to winter decline syndrome or not. This publication is intended to help canola producers become familiar with winter decline syndrome, its symptoms, its possible cause, and management options.

Featured pub PPFS-AG-R-01Winter Decline Syndrome of Canola (PPFS-AG-R-01) is available online.

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By Carl Bradley, Extension Plant Pathologist




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