Update & Correction Concerning Collection of Sugarcane Aphid in Kentucky Grain Sorghum

This post is intended to clarify where sugarcane aphid has been collected and identified in Kentucky. The first two collections were reported as Fulton and Graves counties. This was incorrect; the report should have listed Fulton and Calloway Counties instead. Because the Calloway County infestation was reported by the Graves County Extension agent, I confused the location.

Since that report, two further infestations in Kentucky counties have been confirmed: Lyon and Caldwell counties. To the best of my knowledge none of these infestations were at the economic threshold for control.

Though we are approaching maturity for most of our grain sorghum fields, it might be worthwhile in planning for next year to know how far north and east this insect has penetrated into Kentucky. If you have opportunity to check sorghum fields (grain, sweet, or forage) and find aphids, please feel free to send me a sample. At this point I only need 1) the aphids, 2) the county of collection, and 3) the name of the collector (if they want their name listed in my educational publications). All help is appreciated.


Doug Johnson, Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky



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