Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab Highlights

The following plant disease highlights from the UK Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratories represent recent sample submissions from field crops, fruit and vegetables, and ornamentals.

During the past week, field crop diagnoses included cold injury on barley; stress from compaction and shallow planting on corn; and Pythium root rot and target spot on tobacco transplants.

On fruit and vegetable samples, we diagnosed anthracnose and black rot on grape; common leaf spot on strawberry; fire blight on apple; freeze injury on peach; black knot on plum; Fusarium crown and root rot on asparagus; Pythium root rot, timber rot, Septoria leaf spot, and early blight on tomato.

On ornamentals, we diagnosed leaf/flower gall on azalea; canker (Volutella) and leaf blight (Macrophoma) on boxwood; anthracnose and spot anthracnose on dogwood; leaf spot (Coccomyces) and freeze injury on cherry; bacterial leaf spot on flowering plum; Septoria leaf spot on maple; anthracnose on elm; rose rosette on rose; Phomopsis twig blight on Leyland cypress; and Botryosphaeria canker on magnolia.


By Julie Beale and Brenda Kennedy, Plant Disease Diagnosticians

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